Tuesday, May 22, 2018

MIning bitcoins / cryptos

Today i would be sharing mining bitcoins and cryptos . As you well know mining is a big part of the bitcoin eco system.  Mining is the system where a computational system is being done by the miners to solve the problem in the bitcoin system and when miners solves the problem a new block is added to the chain (blockchain).  The miners are the ones who authenticate the transactions and discover new bitcoins.  Now miners are rewarded a minimal transaction fees with their hard work. 

Since the start of the bitcoin system , it is getting harder to discover new bitcoins so new and faster hardware had to cope up.  So the faster hardware has new faster hashes that discovers new blocks.  One block is solved or discovered every 10 minutes, which means that bitcoin are discovered every 10 minutes until it reached 21 million and estimated to be done in 2140.  The amount of rewards will decreased by one half roughly every four years.

 At this time mining for bitcoin or other cryptos is still a way to gain this digital currencies, that is why mining sites are still on the rise. They profit from the fees which they get from the customers , thats us. 

I had been in mining since i discover about bitcoins and the list below are some of the mining sites that i register. 


Monday, May 21, 2018

Bitcoin transactions view ads

The last article was about simple transactions , you put your wallet address then when you have the withdrawal amount then you earn  bitcoins or cryptos.  You really had to be patient because it will be time consuming and the secret is earning more with  REFERRALS . What i mean was that you should have people on your downlines who believes in what your doing. If not then its you alone who have to  raise the points or bitcoins to its withdrawal amount.  

Now another bitcoin transactions that  almost the same as putting your wallet address and withdrawing your bitcoins are sites that have advertising.  The added task with this site is for you to click on the advertisings then they pay you with bitcoins. Then if you are on the withdrawal amount then you earn, transfer the bitcoins or cryptos to your wallet address. 

This is some of the list of  Click Ads for Bitcoins : 

One of my favorite site where some of my bitcoins came from click on the ads then upon reaching the withdrawal amount you earn.

Also most favorite because it has many ads and its russian. I had earned many bitcoins with these site. Just the same click on the ads and you have bitcoins. 

The above sites have many ads to click. Clicking of the ads takes time so even if its only two sites together with other simple sites, it will take you about three hours to finish and visit all of the sites. If you want to add more sites to click advertising then do it, if you can manage there are tons of sites online experienced if they pay or not. There are sites that you cannot login when your ready to cashed out then it will say they dont have enough funds or accused you of something you are not doing. They can make excuses just not to pay you with bitcoins, try to choose the paying sites. 

Lets watch the video how i do it :

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Simple bitcoin or crypto transactions

I started discussing bitcoin transactions by having your own bitcoins thru purchasing bitcoins or cryptos . Having this digital currencies is already an investment when you stack it on your wallet because its getting a higher value everyday. Even if it lowers down , it goes back again to its highest level.  Lowering of value is the bitcoins way of settling or finding its real value, there will always have the volatility because it is still not on the mainstream just like the US dollar which had been for a number of years in circulation, just wait for the bitcoin to achieve that level. 

Do you want to have more bitcoins or cryptos ? Register with this site , again all you need is a bitcoin or crypto address and a wallet be it a software, hardware or paper. 

 KryptoMachine is the biggest new BitCoin project on the internet! Our goal is to grow our cryptocurrency assets as fast as possible and become market leaders in one year. We have a big team of experienced investors and developers and access to very powerful computing resources across the globe. We are currently in the last stage of developing our public platform which will revolutionize the BitCoin industry and allow everyone to join a top-earning network

 Site where you can earn small fractions of DOGE coins totally free! Currently you can earn 0.1 DOGE every 10 minutes. We use FaucetHUB.io micropayment cache, so you have to link your Dogecoin address to your account there. 


 This site is created to introduce people to Bitcoin.
We are distributing tiny fractions for free so people can see how it works and how amazing it is. 

BTC HEAT is a website where you can play free slots, market investment and other games! Each visitor gets free spins and they refill every 3 hours. With a bit of luck you can win Bitcoins and withdraw them directly to your wallet!

Simply input your Ethereum wallet address (42 characters long, for example: 0x123AaA456aAa789AaA123bBb456BbB789CccDd12) and you will get a new account. Next time you come back, just input the same address to log in.

Instant BTC is a bitcoin faucet with a difference...YOU decide how often to claim!
Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, we allow you to claim as often or as little as you like* The faucet will gradually fill up - quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time - until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim. You may prefer to claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away!


 Then the list below are faucets , they are called as such because bitcoin is just like water that goes out of the faucet ,  the faucet relies on ads . Advertisers placed ads just like paid to click that pays in cents or dollars this faucets pay in bitcoins .  Visit them daily and earn bitcoins , just place your bitcoin address . Since the payments are small bitcoins , they are a member of micro payments like faucet hubs where small bitcoins or cryptos are summed until its ready to be withdrawn into bitcoinwallet.






Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Start with bitcoin transactions

Since the early stage of the bitcoin technology i had been engage with bitcoin, i already treat bitcoin as money just like US dollars. Since i was involve in PTC or paid to click ventures it was not difficult to be involve with bitcoin though its not that big enough to earn since the value of bitcoin was also small that year 2012 - 2013.

In our earlier articles i said that when you already have the basic requirements for engaging with bitcoin then you are ready for the transaction. Its not that hard , if you have the wallet with your bitcoin address and/or the crypto or wallet addresses then your as well ready for other coins which we called crypto ( dogecoin, ethereum, litecoin, cardano, steem and others) 

Bitcoins goal is for it to be adopted by people in any country, it is a new technology and i do think it will be a substitute system for a new financial, social , economic and probably politically.  It is not a new task, its a long and ongoing task. There is a historical reason why bitcoin would be a substitute for a financial system.  That will be a new article to discuss. 

Now i would like to share first the easiest way to get bitcoin or other cryptos since we have already a bitcoin wallet and an address. 

The only easy way to get or earn bitcoins from any site is purchasing bitcoins. In having bitcoins or other crypto coins you can use this for any transaction. When we mean transactions like purchasing products and services, purchasing to use the bitcoin or other cryptos for investing, selling of bitcoins or other services which you have chosen. 

The easiest way to have bitcoin is purchase a bitcoin, there are a lot of sites that offers selling of bitcoins or other cryptos;

Visit this site ; 

    https://bitcoin.com - is a site where bitcoin.cash a crypto 
which was a result of some problems with the original bitcoin, it is now offering a lesser cost for transaction fees, a free wallet and also it sells bitcoincash as well as bitcoin (which they call bitcoin core) 

    http://BitGold.com/r/rjgsIi  -another source of bitcoin which is also a crypto from the original bitcoin core. 

     https://coinbase.com - it buys and sells crypto currencies you have to undergo identification process before using the site.  

     https://coinmama.com - a financial service that makes it fast, safe and fun to buy digital currency, anywhere in the world. We believe that the future of money is one where we, the people, are in control of our own economy. A future where there’s no place for middle-men, hidden fees and fine print.

     https://localbitcoins.com/ - this is a site that is located 
locally where you purchase bitcoins directly from a person, the site make it sure that transactions are legit. 

     https://paxful.com/roots/buy-bitcoin/index?affiliate=WDZdGXwvY7M -  site determines if your authentic before doing the transactions.  Site is open to different ways to pay your cryptos.

     https://xapo.com - can buy bitcoins but had to undergo identification process for your coin and personal protection

     https://mybtc.ca - the latest site that i had been using in purchasing of my bitcoins. Puchasing of bitcoins is fast and easy , you have to choose if you want an e-transfer , interac-online or using the flexpin ( a traders voucher). Since its in Canada i used the e-transfer but also had to purchase first flexpin since an  interac-online is not possible. I have learned that interac online is a direct transfer of money to a trader and its not acceptable to a visa card. And also bitcoin transactions is not accepted by banks it is a competitor because having a bitcoin is just like having your own bank.

With the volatility of the bitcoin as well as cryptos having a stack bitcoin or cryptos is already an investment. Imaging if you have a bitcoin of $100 way back and now its $9000, how much it is worth now its $900,000.00 , so stacking of bitcoin and cryptos is already a lot of investment today and the future. 

There are a lot of sites that offers bitcoin , its all over the internet you have to study which is fast, easy , low cost and accepted by the site bitcoin will be sent. 

View these video on how i purchased my bitcoin from mybtc.ca ; 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ready for bitcoin or crypto deals

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Choosing a digital wallet

In the last articles i had posted , i started the definition of bitcoin and what followed  are readings that will help newbees in knowing and participating with the new technology,  new currency or the internet of money . Now i want to discuss " what wallet to choose " . What we are talking about is  the choice of a digital wallet . 

Comparing the money that we have  the physical money , paper, coins or plastic money ( card ) we need to kept it  for our convenience so when we need it , it is easy to use it. We are also wanted our money as well the wallet to be secured, we dont want to loose it be from our own negligence or thru the robbers.   So the obvious wallet that we always use is the leather wallet ,  well you can use a costly or an ordinary one as long as its usable. 

But nowadays  physical wallets are now being obselete because their are already checks , and  the plastic cards.   Here in Canada  what we often used are plastic cards that paper money and coins are also being eased out . Nobody is ever had physical money paper or coins on their pocket , so the wallet are being used to keep  plastic cards ( debit, credit) 

We are on the stage of our life that money as we know it will be changed to digital money or wireless money.  What we mean was that money paid for goods and services will no longer be paid by paper money , coins , but through wireless meaning online on the computer . The earliest form of these transactions are the wireless payment . 

But moving forward in advance was the creation of "bitcoin and the blockchain technology" These should go hand in hand .  We had already explained in our articles what is "bitcoin and blockchain".  In my experienced since i was involved with bitcoin , i only used the wallet from blockchain.info . It means that i got my wallet or stored my bitcoins and now cryptos with the blockchain.info site but me as the one keeping my paraphrase , my identifier, my password.  You cannot login to the site without having to be identified with a 2FA authenticator it means that we have to pass filters in order for you to go in the site , make transactions and see your bitcoin, or other crypto balances.  


 The common problem for the wallet is maintaining the security be it physical like paper money,  coins, credit cards or debit cards .  Just like the physical wallet the digital wallet is also prone to be lost  or stolen but not the blockchain . Individual wallets can be stolen when your wallet identifier and password are known to robbers.  But in my experienced with blockchain.info , my bitcoin  wallet or account had never been compromised.  Though there are other means to get a wallet and keep your bitcoin or cryptos . 

Generally getting wallet or keeping the cryptos are done thru  online table computer, lap top, tablet or the cellphone.  There are also private site or companies that are selling sticks or usb to keep your digital wallet.  The best of all of this is writing your wallet address and its details in a piece of paper and storing it to a place where you think nobody could acess to it. 

For illustrations watch the videos regarding choosing and keeping your wallet; 

 If you need more information about choosing a bitcoin or crypto wallet , there are a lot of information online about how to choose your wallet.  Good luck and happy crypto earnings

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

tridentcryptofund is burning

Ankur Agarwal is my sponsor in some sites that had investments.  My experienced with him was not that successful in the sense that the sites that i had registered with him as sponsor some had not progressed but the latest are still to be proven.

But before i present the latest investment site which is burning,  i would like to inform the readers that the direction of my posting articles was to orient newbees regarding bitcoin but i cant help that developments are so fast so i had to cope up.

The latest investment sites with Ankur ;


NewTycoon Plus Introduction (EN) from NewTycoon Plus on Vimeo.

I had registered with this mining site  and had invested  the minimum but had to wait before the investment earns . Watch the video for details

This site is the one BURNING  and it had not started yet but joined NOW because its binary and i already have  26267 indirect referrals with Ankur putting people on my left side but i do have my own direct referrals on the left and the right.


Another  earning approach to bitcoin / other crypto currencies  If you have not earned yet with cryptos now its your big chance. 



Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Know your cryptos join the bullrun

I had posted the definition of cryptos and now we will know what are the different coins or cryptos. We know that the first crypto currency was bitcoin then a lot of coins or other cryptos followed. 

As of today  there are about a thousand crypto currencies that are existing and probably will be more in the coming years. Not all of this crypto currencies will make it,  few will survive and others will die down.  I do believe bitcoin the first crypto will still be the main one. The matter of life for the cryptos is the community , if the people wants the kind of crypto then it will survive or if there are enterpreneurs who are behind some cryptos and pushing it , it will also survive.  

Some cryptos have started without having their own capital, like bitcoin , what i mean was that the value of a certain coins or cryptos was derived from the community.  This is the form of ICO's ,   An unregulated means by which funds are raised for a new cryptocurrency venture. An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is used by startups to bypass the rigorous and regulated capital-raising process required by venture capitalists or banks.  These had been a business for some entrepreneurs , they are exploiting the popularity of  crypto currencies. 

Entrepreneurs knew that bitcoins are popular and they are riding of its popularity . They also knew that  other coins or cryptos can be an alternative to augment or take the place of bitcoin.  They also are of the idea that "bitcoins" popularity will die down so an alternative are needed.

Here are the list of crypto currencies ; 
(from coin market capitalization site March 28/18)

From the video at the present time March 28, 2018 ;

1. The total market capitalization is  $300, 649,709.713

2. The list will show you the name of the crypto or coin, its symbol , market cap, price per coin or crypto,  the circulating supply, volume in 24th hour and the percentage for 1hr, 24th hour and 7days

3. The list is about 1595 list of cryptos or coins . It also has a list of the first 100 coins which has a 24th hour and 7 day changes which shows if its gaining or going down and how much percentage

4.  You can search for the coins you are participating

Visit my crypto transactions to participate in the bull run , have your own crypto generation ;

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Participate in the bull run

My last article was about the question on when will the bitcoin bull run starts? Is it after the G20 conference which considers bitcoin not a problem with the world economy?  I do think it had already started after that statement . The bitcoins value had never went down to its lowest which is about $7000 ,  today its  $9000 in value for 1 bitcoin. It will be an optimistic year though it would be gradual increases.  I do believe in what Ankar says that the downward trend of the stock market or its final collapse will again more contribute to the rise of bitcoin and other cryptos to the moon, so let's get into cryptos. 

Continuing on the discussion about bitcoin and crypto's to help others who still dont understand this phenomena and establish the athmosphere or infrastructure for the cryptos let me relay to you about crypto currencies . 

What are  crypto- currencies ? 

Thanks Video produced for Cloud In the Sky Studio for the Bank of Canada. Directed by Duncan Elms.

1. Bitcoin is the first crypto currency ?  Crypto currencies are de - centralized

2. The rules on cryptos are outside of the world financial system and its on the computer

3. The bitcoin which is the first crypto and other cryptos are working with the blockchain technology

4. Blockchain is a ledger that all transactions are recorded so that no one cheats by spending the money twice

5.  The miners all over the world verify the transactions , record the transactions on the blockchain and discover new bitcoins and also earn from them as rewards

6.  The bitcoin network system is a permitless system where you dont have to ask permission from any authority to participate with the system

7. Why used bitcoin or cryptos , there are other currencies , debit cards , cash and credit  cards. Some people favor a system that is not controlled by governments and also works outside of the banking system

8. Others regard the cryptos as a investment opportunities,  like when you buy cryptos on less value and it goes up then you earn sum

9. Just like cash transactions there is no exchange of personal informations you can transact business anonomously online  though all systems are not perfect so information outside of the blockchain can reveal the user like fraudalent use of  bitcoins and cryptos are track by authorities using the blockchain

10. A lot of countries are now interested and eyeing to regulate bitcoin and other cyptos like Canada, US and also Asian coutnries . Cryptos are on the rise and its still a new story which is still unfolding,

Let's be involve with the cryptos , let us be part of the history NOW  !!!

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Will G20 conference start of the bitcoin bull run

The articles that i am posting are related to those who want to know about bitcoin and who are beginners  but events are taking place that also needs explanation so  i am inserting those articles that would explained some phenomena that beginners and adopters probably still don't understand.  

The articles mentioned are those about the dropped of value of bitcoin which are falling .  Two articles that i had posted were related to these events one from Ankar Agarwal and the other was from Ivan the Tech , these people believe in the power of bitcoin that these temporary ups and down on the prices of bitcoin will be overcome sometime , just be patient and continue to be involved in the bitcoin networking. 

Another event which Ankar my sponsor had message me was about the G20 event that Ankar Agarwal believed that this event  is the start of the bitcoin bull run

From the coin telegraph the headline was that "

BTC, ETH Recover From Monthly Lows On Comments To G20 Members "

BTC, ETH Recover From Monthly Lows On Comments To G20 Members

The crypto markets are in the green again after hitting monthly lows this week, with Bitcoin (BTC) back over $8,000 by press time according to data from CoinMarketCap, following the Bank of England’s positive comments to G20 members that crypto poses “no risk” to the stability of the global economy.

Reuters wrote about the G20 crypto comments – which were made in a letter dated March 13 – at 8:09 PM UTC yesterday, March 18, and BTC saw a spike of $1,000 in price in the following few hours.
BTC is currently up almost 8 percent over a 24 hour period, trading at around $8,300 by press time. Bitcoin’s market dominance continues to steadily grow, reported at 44.5 percent by press time.
Early morning March 19, Ethereum (ETH) also jumped in price to break above $500, after dropping below that mark March 18 for the first time since December 2017. ETH is now trading at around $532 and up almost 6 percent over a 24 hour period by press time.
ETH’s drop below $500 could possibly be attributed to a dump of 50,000 ETH on crypto exchange Bitfinex, according to Twitter-famous crypto enthusiast WhalePanda:
At press time all of the top 100 coins are in the green, with gains in the top 10 coins of as much as 27 percent.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ankar might be wrong

The latest of the value of bitcoin is about $7900 which is going down not going up. For me i still believe that probably the corrections of about  $10,000 for the price of bitcoin is not yet over so probably it will go down on a price that we dont know we just have to wait. But for those who had already have invested a lot will be really be worried, because they will be losing. 

Let us watch a video of a technical man who supports bitcoin; 

Ivan on tech  discussion about falling value of bitcoin, coin check hack money and the laundered money Mt. Gox. Looking at bitcoin from a bigger and see where bitcoin is heading

1. Ivans program is live at You Tube, Facebook, Twitch and Periscope , he had done this because of the googles planned to get rid of bitcoin ads 

2. The market is -5% on bitcoin and other cryptos are negative reason 1 it is just losing steam when it comes to public interest in google searches. 

3. In one way it is a good idea we need to stop the hype and focused on building things . When you are still on the market when it is  this bearish , or i mean if your interested you are still learning from the crypto currencies, although the interest for cryptos will be lower but in a way those who are just for the hype or the white paper will just be remove . Though its very painful personally but for the market , i think it is good to remove the hype temporarily. The hype will come and go. 

4. Reading from the story of bitcoin ; the adoption stage or adoption stage , the telephone, tv, video games and so forth so you see how they got adopted thru time and you can see that bitcoin is not the same with others,  it is just beginning and had not reached the mass adoption , it is still not even closed to the potential of bitcoin.  You can even hear some people say that bitcoin will never work , bitcoin had failed and it had completely not delivered its promises. 
This had happened in the year 2013-24 when everybody were negative that move the bitcoin value from 1000 to 200 which is about 80%.  But if you look after that bitcoin had reached about $20,000 , $10,000 , this is also a sign of good entrance point , so to quote Warren Buffet "be greedy when others are fearful,  be fearful when others are greedy.

5. We have evolved in an interesting direction compared to nine years ago, it is safe to say that the currency had come a long way , the banks had showed their interest with bitcoin , more and more institutional big corporations, are saying that bitcoin is a threat to their business models and future operations.  I think we have reached a higher level of peoples understanding of bitcoin, also with big banks and corporations had a clear understanding in the future and they are now also finding their place in this new crypto finance . 

6. About crypto currency complaint , during the fall of the prices the number of complaints increased by 60%, its this that people complaint with coinbased and other crypto currency players , that they are not getting their money fast enough, not getting their money on the time they want it, and so forth. Its understandable that complaint will reached the critical level , when a lot of people exits and people believes its not going anywhere . In the chart 40% of the complaints was about the money was not released as promised, 10% was about other reasons  , 11% for the scam and so forth. How are you affected, did you lose money? this matter had to be discussed and this is also problematic. 

7. Mt. gox trustee denies that he is the reason for the crashed of bitcoin. Why some people are looking at these, because they correlate the crashed with the date that the sudden pullback of bitcoin with the movements of fund with the trustee wallets,  it is seen this as a conspiracy, or a legit theory . But with the trustees message that he is not to blame for the price downfall of bitcoin it was only a coincidence that when the price fall , it was the time that the trustees bitcoin was transferred. 

8. About money laundering , but who would know that there was money laundering with bitcoin but this had to do with coincheck hacked , several hundred millions have been stolen and the NEM foundation, and the other exchanges are being tracked for the funds from the blockchain . So they can find the identity of the hackers through the blockchain but there are still reports of money laundering , in a report of nickai, about 18 million had been laundered through money exchanges. So if you robbed an exchange the main problem is what do you do with the money?  how can you use the money when everybody is tracking the funds movement with the public blockchain the funds can be traced and the hacker.  According to the report they were able to get the bitcoin through the regular exchanges , so the bigger problem is how there were different hacking incident in the past with exchanges and very few cases were solved , so coin check is no different with these incidents so these is a huge problem in crpyto space and there are no solutions yet . Binance is now doing an offensive strategy offering bounces for those people who can find hackers or help in the investigation of these hacking problems. 

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Ankar p4 case for $30,000

The Ultimate Crypto Catalyst

Cryptocurrencies skyrocketed in 2017.

The rally in the “major” cryptocurrencies was unprecedented
in financial assets. Early investors made fortunes holding small positions and riding the rip higher… I personally reaped huge profits from them and continue to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in cryptos. Bitcoin, the largest of the cryptos, dominated headlines throughout the year as it rallied from $973 in early January of 2017 to nearly $20,000 at its peak.

Gains throughout the entirety of the crypto space were huge: 

Bitcoin rallied over 1300% in 2017.
Ether rallied over 8900% in 2017.
Litecoin rallied over 6100% in 2017.
Ripple rallied over 6900% in 2017.

Although the recent pullback in crypto markets has erased a chunk of these gains, many who bought cryptos in 2017 are still showing gains. But those gains are just a taste of what’s to come with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies… 

As we’ve seen, a major correction is not only inevitable,
but I believe it’s imminent. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I made millions in the housing crash of 2007, so I view market corrections as great opportunities. They provide you with the chance of a lifetime to capture some big profits in a very short period of time. In the coming stock market crash, liquidity will be a priority… 

Markets will likely close, banks may freeze accounts,
money market accounts may be restricted, money transfers and withdrawals may be difficult if not impossible to make… You can imagine this happening because you lived
through it in 2008. When the correction occurs, the ability to transfer assets instantly and without risk will be extremely valuable. And that’s what Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can deliver without any interference from governments or central banks. Once investors realize this – and that’s already starting to occur – Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will recover from their recent losses and go up much more. 

The market correction will show Bitcoin’s advantage over other  “safe havens” in very stark and undeniable terms.
But that’s just a part of it… Increased adoption of Bitcoin and other assets will continue to drive prices up in the crypto markets. Over 100,000 stores now accept Bitcoin as payment and that represents only a fraction of the millions of businesses in the world that will  soon accept electronic payments. Large corporations and financial institutions
are already adopting Bitcoin… JP Morgan, Intel, and Microsoft, are just a few of the major players accepting crypto payments and making investment in crypto-related technologies and enterprises. In fact, only five months after JP Morgan CEO, Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a “fraud,” JP Morgan has released a 1-page guide to the crypto markets.

He sees that cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology that powers them are revolutionizing the financial markets and will supercharge business around the world for the foreseeable future.

The Crypto Slingshot Pullback

That’s why this pullback in the broader crypto market is an incredible opportunity to get ahead of these trends. When you consider all of these factors, it’s hard to imagine just how
valuable these assets could be. The value of such widespread technological impact is difficult to quantify, but at the same time, almost impossible to overstate. Of course, I realize that it can be difficult to picture this playing out in the market, given the negativity surrounding cryptos over the past month. But as I’ll explain now, that isn’t something that should concern you. 

There are a number of reasons investors aggressively sold Bitcoin and other cryptos in January and February. But none of them points to a “permanent” sell off in Bitcoin. The selloff truly began when the South Korean government announced sweeping new regulations in the crypto space in early January. The new laws made it a requirement for crypto traders to link their trading accounts to bank accounts with matching names. This verification process removed the anonymity from the market that many investors enjoyed and valued about Bitcoin. While this is an important development, it does nothing to weaken the fundamental case for investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Given the rise in institutional adoption, these regulations are far less concerning. As big business gets used to the idea of operating in a world with cryptos, governments will, too. Many already are. All of this will support further upside in crypto markets.

It’s a very simple and yet powerful relationship: the greater the adoption of Bitcoin by businesses, banks and governments around the world, the more valuable Bitcoin will become. Even the South Korean regulation took effect, it had only minimal impact on Bitcoin’s popularity. In fact, there are now more businesses accept Bitcoin now than ever before. If anything, this “slingshot pullback” in crypto markets sets up a fantastic opportunity for a trade that will best position you to profit heavily on a potential stock market crash.

The Market Correction Profit Play

You can see now that there are some serious signs of a potentially major equity market correction on the horizon. Technical and fundamental factors coupled with recent price
action in stocks have the market in a dangerous position. Crucial moving averages have been breached or are about to be and three quarter-point interest rate hikes are expected this year from the Fed, with the first one planned for March 21st. That doesn’t leave you much time. Therefore, now is the time to get into bitcoins...I prefer Bitcoin because it has the most recognition and is the most likely to be thought of as a new safe haven asset in the event of a market crash.

Get long on Bitcoin as your safe haven asset.

This is easy to do. Buying Bitcoin on a major exchange like Coinbase is as easy as setting up any other brokerage account. (More on this in a moment.) Once you have your Bitcoin, you can keep it on the exchange or store it in a hardware wallet. A hardware wallet allows you to keep you Bitcoin on a physical device rather than on the exchange. Exchanges are safe and regulated and the hardware wallet is just another option for storage. Seems like a simple plan right? It is… And it’s one of my most confident predictions of the year. I Couldn’t Be More Confident Of This Prediction
I know this might seem like a bold claim. Calling for a major stock market selloff and Bitcoin rally is bold; but there’s a couple of reasons I’m so confident in this call.

I’ve seen this type of stock market action before – I made mosts of my profits as a trader during the housing crash of 2007 and 2008. I know what bear markets look like and feel like. A lot of those same elements are present in this market, in addition to other factors that in my opinion, make a stock market correction very likely.I haven’t been wrong on Bitcoin yet – Last year I called the low in Bitcoin after JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon calle Bitcoin a “fraud.” You can see the message I sent to my followers five months ago on this below. I also made a prediction that Bitcoin would rally to all time highs after the launch of the Bitcoin futures. After the futures listed, we saw the market touch a new high… and then the sell off – another event that I predicted. My record in Bitcoin and my experience in trading through market corrections make this setup my favorite trade opportunity I’ve seen in a very long time.

Again, the Dow will correct and Bitcoin will spike. But you’re probably wondering… Should I Unload All My Stocks Now? No, not really. I said that I couldn’t be more confident in this trade…not that I’m infallible. As we discussed earlier, the last time the VIX broke a single day rally record, the market continued higher for about seven months. Besides, investors should always have a portion of their portfolio invested in the market. But given the reasons we stated earlier, you should rethink your approach to trading over the next few months. The Goldman Sachs note summed up perfectly how you should think about the market now…

“…sell-the-rallies rather than buy-the-dips…” So going forward, take profits on rebounds in the stock market. To build the short Dow component of the pair trade, look for entries on stock market rallies. That is, when the stock market has a couple of days, that’s when you enter into the inverse Dow ETF position With Bitcoin, you do the opposite; look for entries on the dips. The stock market is walking through a minefield, and any misstep could lead to disaster. In The Off Chance That I’m Completely Wrong… I am so confident in this trade because even if I am wrong
about the stock market correction, you can still make money
being long Bitcoin. All of the reasons for wanting to own Bitcoin would be magnified by a major stock market correction, but they would still be there without one as well. A further stock market correction would only act as a catalyst for a move in Bitcoin that is going to happen anyway. That’s what makes this trade so appealing. Let’s talk about the specific trade now.

There are simple steps you need to take…
Go long Bitcoin You can buy Bitcoin Coinbase or Binance or other exchanges. It’s as easy as opening a brokerage account.

Bonus Step: Get involved with new tycoon plus and start mining bitcoin passively  

Take full advantage of the many other cryptos that will ride Bitcoin’s rise. As Bitcoin rallies to new highs, it will bring other cryptos with it.

Typically, I include an exit plan with my recommendations. This time, however, I will not be providing any initial profit targets.There are a few reasons for this… If the stock market does indeed crash, there is no way to predict how low it could go, but I think it could easily fall to 12,000. 

I would watch the market closely and time an exit based on price action, technicals, and fundamental developments.

As I mentioned earlier, I had most of my success in years where the market was crashing. I know how to approach this type of environment – it represents a fantastic opportunity win big and so it’s important to give a trade like this room to really run. The reasons I will avoid setting targets in Bitcoin are similar.Should the stock market create a catalyst for a rally in Bitcoin, it’s nearly impossible to determine how high it could go. I truly believe that Bitcoin could easily hit 30,000, or even rally 1,200% this year to $100,000.There’s a lot of other support behind Bitcoin that has nothing to do with the stock market. Therefore, your holding period for long Bitcoin will be based on watching developments in the market as they come. The opportunity presented by current market conditions might not be present much longer.

A number of dynamics are at play that could cause this series of events to play out any day now. When it happens, it will happen quickly.

You want to position yourself before it does.

Ankur Agarwal

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