Thursday, January 18, 2018

My sponsor on bitconnect still have a positive note

 My sponsor is Ankur Agarwal in bitconnect and his opinion is worthy. He  often have facebook live to communicate with his members.  This is what i like with  a  sponsor although i am not known to him since he has a lot of  followers  numbering thousands .  I just register with his link  and he is open .  He also had a lot of experience in the online business.

So let's watch what he had to say about what is happening now with bitcoinnect. 

What was clarified on the video of Ankur Agarwal ; 

1. He and his friends  in US, Canada and other places who have big amount of bitcoins will not sell bitconnect  coins.

2. For Ankur Agarwal bitconnect had not scam the members which is easy in a day they can be gone but  still they are online and will continue with their bitconnect coin which is bitconnectX

3. It is only the lending program of bitconnect that was stop not the whole bitconnect site. 

4. For Ankur Agarwal bitconnect has a million members and this is one basis that the price of bitconnect   had risen and could be achieved again later

5. It is not a good idea to sell bitconnect coin in the sense that the value of bitcoins are going lower 

6. He is planning to layout his investment options to members or his followers in the coming days, it  will be   a multi income opportunities within the crypto  business

I hope this helps members of  Ankurs followers .

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bitconnect program was really good but ..

I am sure everybody will say that the program bitconnect giving daily profits of 1% was really a good investment but i do think regulators are really looking at the loopholes not for the company but more on bitcoin phenomena. 

I was making a test trial of putting small amount of fiat money with bitconnect and for 51th day it had earned about $40 which was really good but authorities had seen how to stop the people and the company from earning.  And what bitconnect had to do except to follow and this was not good for business . 

Here is the action of bitconnect ;  

Changes coming for the Bitconnect system - Halt of lending and exchange platform

  1.  This is to inform all community members that we are closing the Bitconnect lending and exchange platform. We are closing the lending operation immediately with the release of all outstanding loans. With release of your entire active loan in the lending wallet we are transferring all your lending wallet balance to your BitConnect wallet balance at 363.62 USD. This rate has been calculated based on last 15 days averages of the closing price registered on You are free to withdraw your BitConnect coin currently in QT wallets that was used for staking as well. We are also closing BCC exchange platform in 5 days.  In short, we are closing lending service and exchange service while website will operate for wallet service, news and educational purposes.

    The reason for halt of lending and exchange platform has many reasons as follow:
    a.The continuous bad press has made community members uneasy and created a lack of confidence in the platform 
    b.We have received two Cease and Desist letters, one from the Texas State Securities Board, and one from the North Carolina Secretary of State Securities Division. These actions have become a hindrance for the legal continuation of the platform.
     c.Outside forces have performed DDos attacks on platform several times and have made it clear that these will continue. These interruptions in service have made the platform unstable and have created more panic inside the community.
Closing the lending and exchange platform doesn’t mean that we will stop supporting BitConnect coin. Closing the lending platform will allow Bitconnect to be listed on outside exchanges giving more options for trading.

We will keep working to make BitConnect coin available to merchant websites providing them API access to accept BitConnect Coins on their platforms.

BitConnect X ICO is still functional and we are building an exchange platform on the BitConnect X website. With BitConnect X operating as an exchange platform, BitConnect Coin (BCC) will be listed there.

This is not the end of this community, but we are closing some of the services on the website platform and we will continue offering other cyptocurrency services in the future.

Best Regards,
The Team BitConnect

I still dont know what to decide but one thing is certain bitcoin will be attack always until they cannot anything but accept it. There are some sectors in the business community that is already adopting bitcoin but starting competitors will be move out by big "whales" as they say. 


Saturday, January 6, 2018

Bitcoin value again increasing but scaling not resolve

I agree with dollarr vigilante that there is something going on with the original core of bitcoin. The scaling of bitcoin should had been resolved at once because they had already had this problem before when which resulted with the forking of bitcoin cash.  Now they are also for forking . lightning, but had also forks like bitgold,  special bit and many others. Why create this new cryptos when they should have been concentrating with resolving the problem of bitcoin?  This is something to think about , i do think if this is not resolved within a few weeks adopters will go to bitcoin cash .

Now let's hear from the dollar vigilante ' 

Is the globalist working out to control the bitcoin?

What will happen to bitcoin and cryptos?


Friday, December 29, 2017

Scaling Problem is still not solved

There are a number of sites which are my source of bitcoins and they are having problems with the scaling problem , related to this are the higher fees and the long time confirmation for the transactions .  The list below are the bitcoin sites and what they are saying about the original core or the ; 

From hashflare. 

 Dear users,
Creating new Bitcoin withdrawal requests is temporarily disabled due to a very large number of not broadcasted and/or unconfirmed transactions still pending on the side our provider, Read more from our newsletter here.

Update 27.12.2017 09:55 UTC: BTC withdrawals are enabled in test mode, with the minimum withdrawal amount set to 0.05 BTC. Bitcoin network fee at the moment is 0.0006 BTC. We are working on changing the method of creating transactions to batches of multiple withdrawals, to reduce the time it takes withdrawals to reach the destination wallets and to reduce the network fee for our customers. We do not recommend withdrawing while the network fee is this high.

Useful links:

Because of the all time high amount of unconfirmed transactions in the Bitcoin network, the network fee (commission fee in fluctuates.

From ; Banner

We are experiencing difficulties processing withdrawals at the moment due to the increased bitcoin network traffic. This has caused numerous problems with our processing system regarding processing withdrawals.
Expect a fix in the coming days. For those who have been sent transactions that have not confirmed yet, they will either be eventually confirmed within 2 weeks or we will resend them.
In the time being, you are free to request withdrawals, but no pending withdrawals will be processed until the issues are fixed.
We are sorry for any inconvenience and are working diligently to fix these issues as soon as possible. 

I know that its not only me who is affected by this scaling problem of bitcoin the bitcoin will be trying the hard fork , it was set to start December 28/ 17 but the effect is still not not being felt yet.  We have to wait , bitcoin is undergoing one of its crisis and since 2009 just like the internet is being attacked or being corrupted. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Transaction Fees and long line for tthe bitcoin to be confirmed

We believe that bitcoin is here to stay but the problem on  transaction fees and delayed transaction confirmation is a stumbling block on its development and progress. Becasuse of this happening, bitcoin adopters are moving to alter cryptos  like bitcoin cash,  litecoin , ethereum and other cryptos.

Now the bitcore developers had come out with the decision to try the hard fork which was the position of  bitcoin cash before which ultimately became the new BCH  or called bitcoin cash.  Lets read this development with the coin telegraph ; 

Hard Fork, Take Two: SegWit2x Will Return Dec. 28, Says Founder

 Hard Fork, Take Two: SegWit2x Will Return Dec. 28, Says Founder

The controversial SegWit2x Bitcoin (BTC) hard fork will go ahead on Dec. 28, according to the project’s official website.

The SegWit2x project, which caused months of debate and infighting among the Bitcoin community prior to its last-minute cancellation in November, now says it will fork off at block 501451, due in around two days’ time.

The project’s Founder and Lead Developer, Jaap Terlouw, stated on their site that the fork aims to address issues of “commission and transaction speed within the Bitcoin network,” adding that currently, Bitcoin is “almost impossible to use as a means of payment.”
Confirmation that the hard fork will, in fact, take place is indicated both in the roadmap on the project’s site, as well as in a direct quote from Terlouw:
“Our team will carry out the Bitcoin hard fork, which was planned for mid-November.”
The founder also promised that in addition to the common practice of crediting BTC holders with equivalent balances of the new coin (B2X), they would also receive “a proportional number of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoins as a reward for their commitment to progress.”
In total, eight exchanges are listed as official supporters of the fork. The project’s roadmap includes features such as Lightning Network support, smart contracts and, ultimately, anonymous transactions.

Forking season

In the past six weeks, Bitcoin Cash, another Bitcoin hard fork formed in August, has become the central talking point of the industry, as it sees remarkable growth and sparks shifts in mining and investment behavior, affecting Bitcoin’s price.
The latest incarnation of SegWit2x has so far received comparatively little publicity. However, the website copy conspicuously name-dropped one particular exchange, HitBTC. Speaking about existing SegWit2x futures, Terlouw is quoted on the site as saying:
“At the same time, trading of its [SegWit2x] futures has been carried out on some exchanges for a long time. HitBTC is among them.”
When the project first saw hints of a comeback on Dec. 19, futures prices of B2X coins saw an uptick from under $200 to almost $600, a trend which has remained steady prior to the launch.
Meanwhile, on Christmas Day, a Blockchain Angel Investor debuted his own ‘version’ of Bitcoin, Bitcoin God (GOD), while several other forks are due to join the ecosystem in the coming weeks.
For BTC investors, a key appeal of new Bitcoin ‘versions’ or hard forks  is the duplication of their BTC holdings in the new coin at the time of each snapshot, which essentially provides them with a supply of “free money.”


What will happened now , will it be a new bitcoin just like BCH ,  i know that this developers had already established a new coin which is called  bitcoin gold which is already a hard fork but only for big time investors .  Is this bitcoin core going away from the original values of bitcoin ? 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Is it the end of bitcoins and cryptos ?

No i dont thinks so , the bitcoin dashing in to the mainstream is just starting and this what Augur as the deep  and now whats out for the rise . Last friday there was a dip of  about 35% percent . This is probably the best time to buy bitoin  i know it will rise again until the time that it had reached its peak.  Let us here from the experts .......

Black Friday Crypto Crash! Are All Cryptocurrencies Going To Zero?

Peter Schill and the Health Ranger are finally right. They were right all along.
The cryptocurrencies have all crashed and are headed towards zero.
It was only a few days ago I commented that almost every cryptocurrency was in the green. Today was the exact opposite.

Cryptocurrencies hit an all-time high of $652 billion just a day ago and on Friday they hit a low of $423 billion for a one day loss of 35%.
They have since recovered to $540 million.

Bitcoin hit an all-time high just above $20,000 on December 17th and recorded a low at on Friday of $11,833 and is currently just above $14,000.

That means bitcoin has slumped 40% since its high to the low and is currently 30% off its all-time high. Overall, bitcoin has fallen further than the rest of the sector quite dramatically in the last few days.

But, wait, are Peter Schill and the Vitamin guy right? We are only down in the neighborhood of 30-40%.

Bitcoin has actually fallen 30% five times this year already. So, on average, this happens every two months. And, during previous drops it was followed by an increase of 76%, 237%, 183%, 165% and 152% before it dropped again.

And here are past major drops going all the way back to 2010:

So, is this latest drop all that extreme? Or unexpected?

In fact, it wasn’t unexpected at all, by us here at TDV.

TDV’s Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos, put out an alert to subscribers (subscribe HERE) on Thursday warning of a pullback being imminent, saying, “We could easily see prices fall back to $13,500. The primary bull market trend is intact above $12,700, which is the last highest low.”
Less than 24 hours later and bitcoin hit Ed’s target low almost exactly. And, as you know, I have been suggesting taking profits on bitcoin and the cryptos since bitcoin soared over $15,000. And Ed reiterated that in his alert yesterday, saying, “we still highly recommend rebalancing your portfolio and reducing your crypto exposure a little."

So, we will see how this most recent pullback plays out. In this interview I did today with Rogue Money I discuss where things could be headed.
For now, this looks like a completely ordinary pullback after a massive run higher. And, a healthy and needed pullback at that.

Perhaps bitcoin and the cryptos are giving everyone an early 30% off Christmas present. If this was Black Friday and it was 30% off DVD players at Walmart, millions of American sheeple would climb over each other to get it. But, when cryptos are 30% off? For some reason, people have the opposite reaction to retail goods and they are too scared to buy.

For all those who had been waiting for the dip to buy... this is the dip.
And, on December 24th at 12pm Eastern time I’ll be revealing my next cryptocurrency pick to TDV Premium subscribers (you can subscribe or upgrade from Basic HERE).
It has fallen about 30% along with all the other cryptos in the last few days… so, if that doesn’t change by Sunday you may get it at a bargain.

For now, HODL on, everyone


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Transaction problems still exist even with Bitcoin rising

I together with  the dollar vigilante is also confused about whats happening with bitcoin . I know that the value in dollars of bitcoin have now reached the $20,000 mark for 1 bitcoin and everybody are happy especially those who have adopted bitcoin. The rush to get on bitcoin had resulted now on clogged transactions , much higher fees and slow transaction which should not be the case but this is reality. 

 Bitcoin Hits $20,000 Per Coin, Capping Year of Enormous Growth

The said super bitcoin on being FORK  is still "f" ck , so its not the solution for the bitcoin problems.  So its not clear what is happening and what will be the new set up  for this coming 2018. 

Let's watch the dollar vigilante interviewing the CEO of bitcoin cash  Amaury Sechet

The difference between the bitcoin cash from the original bitcoin, the segwit , bitcoin gold and the lighting network .

As i was watching it seems  that the bitcoin core is leaning to the controlled kind of system which is deviating to the original values of the bitcoin. 

We will see what will happen , of course for me i like the values of the bitcoin cash which was the real bitcoin before. 

 Let's watch the lightning network ;

Will the developers of the original bitcoin for the globalist ? 

So we will watch the development from here !!